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Precise Gem Appraisals in Maumee, OH

Welcome to Gem Appraisal Laboratory. Ltd., one of only 25 appraisers in North America that is certified by the American Gem Society™. Turn to us for professional, precise gem appraisals in Maumee, OH.  Our owner, Jim O’Bryant, has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and holds the prestigious titles of Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser and Advanced Personal Property Appraiser. You can trust us to provide the most accurate and unbiased appraisals for the purposes of insurance, estate valuations, dissolutions of marriage, collateral, or everyday curiosity.

Call us today if you are interested in a jewelry consultation. We’ll prepare your appraisal while you wait. Since we do not buy or sell jewelry, you can be confident that our interest is solely in giving you our honest and informed assessment of your property’s value.

Gem Appraisals in Maumee, OH


Jim O'Bryant at Gem Appraisal Laboratory, Ltd., has the experience and equipment necessary to provide detailed assessments while you wait. From insurance appraisals to gem identification, he does it all. For more on gem appraisals in Maumee, OH, contact us today.

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What is a gem lab? Why is it so hard to find a qualified, professional appraiser and why should you even use one? Find the answers to these questions and others by visiting the firm's convenient FAQ.

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Many people do not know that even graduate gemologists are not required to continue their training or to have real-world experience in determining value. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and stay current on industry trends and keep a full range of advanced gemological equipment on site to conduct thorough assessments of our clients’ valuables. With our knowledge, experience, and equipment, we’ve earned our reputation as the premier source for always reliable appraisals. Our certified jewelry appraiser looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.  

Contact us with any questions. We proudly serve customers in Maumee, Ohio. 

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All Appraisals Are USPAP Compliant
 James O'Bryant in Maumee, Ohio, at (567) 343-5404 for accurate jewelry appraisals while you wait.

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