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At Gem Appraisal Laboratory. Ltd., we provide quick and professional gemstone and jewelry appraisal services. In Maumee, OH, our laboratory offers accurate valuations by utilizing the latest technology and proven expertise. Thanks to our experience and client-forward approach, you will have everything you need to discover the worth of your valuables.

Jewelry and gem appraisal lets you know how much your precious items are worth, which is essential in matters related to collateral, dissolutions of marriage, estate planning, and even insurance. It is also a trusted resource when it comes to selling jewelry through pawning or a private sale. When you need valuations you can trust, we're here for you.

Detailed Jewelry Appraisals

When you want to know what your jewelry is worth, you need the assessment to be accurate. Our detailed jewelry appraisals offer that and more. When you turn to us for valuation, you benefit from our years of experience and industry expertise. We draw from decades of knowledge to provide the most comprehensive and reliable evaluation of your precious stones and metals.

Our team of professionals remains current on the latest appraisal service methods to complete as accurately a jewelry consultation as possible. Whether you are looking for insurance appraisals, retail assessments, or want to know the value of something you have inherited, we are proud to be your first choice.

We understand that your detailed jewelry appraisal isn’t just about the intrinsic worth of an item in many cases. There is so much more to a piece of jewelry than just its monetary value. Some jewelry is generational or was a gift that holds priceless memories. We take handling these precious items very seriously and ensure that every step of the process respects the reality that many appraised items are irreplaceable. Our commitment is to protect the fundamental market value of your jewelry while you treasure the intangible.

Certifications & Experience

Our laboratory is one of only 25 appraisers in North America that has been certified by the American Gem Society. Our leader, Jim O’Bryant, has more than four decades of jewelry and gem appraisal experience. On top of that, we utilize proven methods in each of our appraisal services.

We are impartial and objective in all of our services. Since we do not buy or sell jewelry, you can have confidence in our assessments. Our interests lie exclusively in providing honest, accurate, and informed appraisals.

Reach out to us today to schedule appraisal services at your earliest convenience. We proudly serve clients in Maumee, Ohio, and surrounding areas.


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