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Convenient Gem Identification, Watch appraisals & Insurance Appraisals

Determine the value of your collection by bringing your most treasured pieces to Gem Appraisal Laboratory, Ltd., of Maumee, Ohio, for identification and insurance appraisals. Owner Jim O'Bryant and his staff provide detailed appraisals for:

• Insurance
• Estate
• Dissolution of Marriage

• Charitable Contributions
• Bankruptcy
• Quality Verifications

• Gem identification
• Collateral
• Loss Reports

• Collateral
• Damage Reports
• Just Curious


Jim O'Bryant

Appraisals While You Wait

Jim O'Bryant encourages you to be present when he performs your appraisal or consultation. Though clients can send items to his lab, he has had many clients drive more than 200 miles to use his services. Being present during the procedure allows you to see how involved the appraisal process is and can generate new questions to ask. All work is done by appointment while you watch. Pieces requiring extensive research will be completed after the appointment and mailed.

Laboratory Instruments

Gem Appraisal Laboratory, Ltd., uses only state-of-the-art equipment to accurately appraise your collection. Our instruments include:


• GIA Binocular Dark Field Microscopes
• Electronic Scale Measuring to 0.000 Ct.
• GIA Portalab (Fully Portable Laboratory)
• Austron™ Digital Diamond Colorimeter
• Fiber Optic Lighting
• Daylight Equivalent Lighting
• Touchstone & Acids (Necessary for Metal Testing)
• TRI (Electronic Metal Tester)
• Spectroscopes (Calcite & Defraction Grading)
• Refractometers
• Polariscopes
• Gem Dialogue Color Comparison Charts
• Comprehensive Gemological Library
• Shredder

• GemeWizard™ Software for Color Grading
• Opal Smart Chart Software
• Leverage Gauges
• Thermo Conductivity Diamond Tester
• Ultraviolet Light Unit (Long & Short Wave)
• GIA Proportion reticule
• Dichroscope
• Chelsea Color Filter
• Hanneman Filters
• Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tools (AGS)
• Heavy Liquids
• Ultrasonic Cleaner
• Digital Cameras


The Five Stone Master Diamond Color Grading Set (GIA Set Number 531)

In order for Jim O'Bryant's firm to qualify as an AGS accredited gemological laboratory, the firm must have this set of master diamonds graded by GIA and AGS. A number of appraisers use CZ master comparison sets. These can change color over time and is not like comparing apples to apples. Settle for nothing less than a set of natural diamond masters.

Contact James O'Bryant at (567) 343-5404 in Maumee, Ohio, for comprehensive insurance appraisals on your precious memories.

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